Human beings are by nature curious. When you visit a place you certainly want to learn about ts history, hear about people who lived there, what is important today (and perhaps some gossip)

When you travel in our country some questions about people, buildings or peculiar customs may pop up. Of course you can search the answer yourself, but a good guide by your side helps you to experience much more of the trip

You can find members in our association in most parts of the country and we have a lots of knowledge that we like to share with you.

Welcome to a tour with us!


What can we offer you?

We will make the walk, the bus-trip or the trip according to your wishes. Is it a party? Is it a re-union with old class-mates? Are collegues going to have an evening together or are your cousins from the USA here? Do you want to take a walk in the town-center or do you want to travel round the whole country by bus? Do you want us to meet your guests at the air-port and bring them to their hotels?

Perhaps you want us to make the whole programme, or is everything already OK and you just need a guide - contact us!


Our association

Jönköping Guide and Tourguide-association started in 1961. After working together with guides from Värnamo and Eksjö we changed the name to include the whole Jönköping´s Country. Some of our members work with just one specific objekt, e.g one house or one museum. Others are specialized in one or many towns which they love to show to you. We also have some tour conductors who bring groups of tourists round in Sweden or in Europe.